NRPB completes fifth year of clean financial audits

NRPB completes fifth year of clean financial audits

The National Recovery Program Bureau reports the completion of its fifth consecutive year of clean financial audits of the projects it manages under the St. Maarten Trust Fund, which reflects the ongoing commitment to transparent and accountable management practices. This consistency in financial integrity has played a crucial role in supporting the island’s ongoing recovery and development efforts. The Trust Fund was established in 2018 and is financed by the Government of the Netherlands and managed by the World Bank.

Currently, the NRPB is managing eleven projects centered on recovery, resilience and sustainability collectively valued at over US $400 million. These initiatives are aligned with the rebuilding efforts of the island following the 2017 hurricanes. Focused on areas such as improving infrastructure in critical public buildings, enhancing disaster preparedness, safeguarding the environment, providing reformation support in housing, mental health and waste management sectors, and supporting economic stability, these projects aim to address both the immediate and long-term needs of the island.

The Trust Fund supports the Government’s efforts in essential areas for the island’s sustainable development and resilience. Collaborating closely with the Government of Sint Maarten and various stakeholders, the NRPB strives to ensure that project implementation aligns with the Government’s objectives and the community’s needs.

2023’s financial audits, conducted by Grant Thornton, have been reviewed and submitted to the World Bank and Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs. Prime Minister Jacobs, upon being presented with the audit report noted, “I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the team at the NRPB for their hard work and steady commitment. Their diligent management of these projects under the Trust Fund has been pivotal in our island’s recovery journey. The NRPB’s commitment to transparency and accountability reflects their devotion to our community’s well-being and progress. We look forward to our continued collaboration for the execution of the government’s projects for the betterment of the people of our nation.”

Director Claret Connor, reflecting on the past five years stated that “The NRPB feels a deep sense of pride in our role of managing these projects for the island. It’s more than just overseeing financial aspects; it’s about being a part of a journey that’s rebuilding and strengthening our community. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve our island and remain dedicated to its sustainable recovery and growth.”