Airport Terminal Reconstruction Project

The Airport Terminal Reconstruction Project aims to restore passenger capacity to pre-Irma levels with improved resilience towards hurricanes. This project will be implemented by the SXM Airport (PJIAE) together with the NRPB.


On September 6, 2017 the Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) terminal building suffered significant damage when Hurricane Irma struck the island as a Category 5 hurricane. Wind-speeds of more than 185 miles/hr (296 km/hr) were recorded. Ten days later, the already compromised infrastructure was further compromised by Hurricane Maria. The roof of the terminal building was blown off; the entrance doors caved in and the inside of the terminal was battered. With most of the roof missing and exposed to the elements like rain and sea spray from the massive sea waves. This resulted in significant damage to equipment and electronics on all levels of the terminal. The aftermath of water leakage and high humidity subsequently lead to the formation of mold growth on the walls and ceilings, rendering the building inoperable.

Flight operations resumed in October 2017 with temporary provisions for passenger handling via small open tents, which were later replaced with large closed air-conditioned tents (Pavilions). In December 2018, the Pavilions were decommissioned and the temporary passenger operations were moved back into a part of the Terminal Building Meanwhile, in November 2019 SXM Airport further increased the temporary operations area within the building, which now covers more than two-thirds of the ground floor.

The Project Scope

The scope of the project reconstruction works include, but are not limited to:

  • The Check-in, Arrival and Reclaim halls,
  • security and departure areas,
  • concession spaces, airlines and SXM Airport offices,
  • restrooms and utility rooms,
  • vertical conveying systems and HVAC systems,
  • electrical & electronics systems, fire alarm and protection system,
  • flight information and visual display systems,
  • new passenger boarding bridges, baggage handling and self-serve baggage drop system,
  • security screening and surveillance equipment and automated border control systems,
  • digital signage equipment and hold room seating
  • fixtures, furniture and appliances.

The Terminal Building area covers approximately 30,000 m2. The project will take a phased execution approach as the terminal must remain open and fully functional throughout the reconstruction period. The anticipated execution period is twenty-two (22) months.

For full project information click here to visit SXM Airport’s project page.