The Solid Waste Disposal (SWDS) and the Irma Debris Disposal (IDDS) Sites located on Pond Fill Island are in need of improvement. After the 2017 Hurricane Season, large amounts of debris were collected on the island and this resulted in issues such as decreased disposal capacity and surface and smothering fires in both sites. While the Ministry of VROMI has made some improvements on the operations surface and subsurface fires remain a potential hazard and complicate any actions towards the stabilization of the sites.

The objective of this activity is reconditioning, and improving the SWDS and IDS operations in Pond Island as well as purchasing of heavy landfill equipment to support the site operations. This activity is necessary to facilitate sustainable solutions to Sint Maarten’s solid waste management challenges.

As of today, the EDMP has purchased and delivered materials and equipment to apply alternative cover over waste deposits to mitigate the chances of new surface fires and suffocate existing smothering fires. VROMI personnel was trained during a week on the setup, operation, and maintenance of this equipment.

The Project has furthermore purchased a waste handling bulldozer and a front loader and is awaiting delivery of a landfill compactor. All equipment is purchased to provide VROMI with the right tools to keep improving waste management and mitigate the chances of surface fires at the SWDS. The landfill compactor should be in the site sometime early 2021.

In order to implement this activity in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, the following environmental and social safeguards instruments are under development and intend to mitigate potential risks to the environment and human health and safety:

  • The Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA). This study will provide the environmental and social mitigation measures to be considered during the implementation of the project.
  • The Resettlement Action Plan (RAP). This is part of the ESIA and it has identified the need for relocation of the community next to the solid waste disposal site. The RAP will provide the procedures needed to implement the relocation in a safe and responsible manner. Visit our page to learn more on Resettlement.
  • The Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP). This will provide the contractor with the requirements for the execution of the works following the required environmental and social safeguards.

Activities will not start until the RAP is implemented to meet social and environmental safeguards. This is the first time the government of Sint Maarten must deal with resettlement issues, therefore, it is expected that implementation of the RAP will take several years, and it will be done in phases to be able to start project activities as soon as possible.

Activity at a glance

Part of project EDMP
Environmental and Social Research
Resettlement Action Plan