Hospital Resiliency and Preparedness Project

The Hospital Resiliency & Preparedness Project is implemented by the Sint Maarten Medical Center.  The development objective of this project is to improve the preparedness and capacity of hospital services in Sint Maarten.

This project has three components:

  1. Building and launching of the new hospital, aims to co-finance the turn-key contract for the design upgrade, construction and launching of the new hospital.
  2.  Transition and Contingency Plan for Sint Maarten Medical Center, aims to finance: (i) works and equipment needed for the critical rehabilitation and upgrades of the existing hospital during the transition period; (ii) technical assistance to support the updating and implementation of clinical guidelines and quality control mechanisms and internal technical audits; (iii) arrangements with strategic partners for training of human resources; and (iv) support the Sint Maarten Medical Center’s (SMMC) accreditation process with the joint commission international (JCI).
  3.  Project Management, aims to finance the related operating expenses, equipment, and personnel necessary for the execution of the project, in the areas of contract management, procurement, financial management, technical and monitoring and evaluation, including project audits.
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Project at a glance

Project ID P167532 
Grant Agreement Signed August 16, 2018
Grant Funds US $ 28.6 million