Education is a powerful driver of community and economic development; it is key for reducing poverty, increasing equality of opportunities, encouraging innovation, and strengthening institutions. By investing in education, Sint Maarten will contribute to individual and societal well-being, providing growth and prosperity to the island.

On behalf of the government of Sint Maarten, the NRPB has started to prepare the Fostering Resilient Learning Project (FRLP) to invest in educational needs on the island. The project aims to restore access to a safe learning and cultural space and improve the resilience of Sint Maarten’s educational system through enhanced physical and digital infrastructure.

From an allocated budget of US $26.7 million, the FRLP will:
  • Restore and rebuild the Philipsburg Jubilee Library, Sister Marie Laurence Primary School and Charles Leopold Bell Primary School.
  • Introduce a management information system within Sint Maarten’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport (ECYS).

Specifically, the project’s objectives are to:

  • Rebuild safer schools that can withstand category 5 hurricane winds and provide safe learning environments for all students, including items to improve wheelchair access.
  • Focus on improving educational capacities to support children with special needs and behavioral issues.
  • Support the development of an inclusive educational framework/policy.
  • Rebuild the Philipsburg Jubilee Library and strengthening the learning and cultural environment to include a community multipurpose center.
  • Strengthen the Ministry of ECYS’s management capacities by introducing a Ministry Management Information System.
  • Create access to a quality learning environment.