Home Repair program

Private Home Repair

The private home repair project seeks to assist homeowners who need assistance in repairing homes that were damaged as a result of hurricane Irma. To qualify for the program, a homeowner has to fulfill the eligibility criteria set by the Government of Sint Maarten. Each home will be technically assessed by an engineer to determine the necessary repairs. Expected works include repairs to the roofs, windows, doors and minor electrical works

Social Home Repair

In collaboration with the Sint Maarten Housing Development Foundation, SMHDF, repairs to a number of housing units in the Belvedere Housing Complex are being executed.  Repair work to the roofs and ceilings of 109 units have already been completed.  Five residential towers in the community are still scheduled to be repaired. Retroactive financing is being provided to SMHDF for repairs completed to units immediately after hurricane Irma.

Activity at a glance -
Private Home Repair- phase 1 : 14 homes

Part of project ERP1
Available budget US $ 715.000
Contractor Confident Construction B.V.
Supervisor ILACO Suriname N.V.
Start date July 4, 2019
Expected closing date

Two phases in preparation:

  • Minor home repairs (26 homes) – start end of August
  • Phase 2 home repairs (100 – 150 homes): bids are in evaluation
Activity at a glance - Social Home Repair

Part of project ERP1
Available budget US $ 530.989
Contractor Caines Construction and Systems BV
Supervisor SMHDF
Start date March 2019
Expected closing date End August 2019

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