The Income Support and Skills training component provides temporary income support to under-employed and unemployed persons in exchange for their participation in short-term skills training in selected occupational areas in the hospitality and construction industries. The program includes a balanced combination of in-class theoretical and practical training as well as training in socio-emotional skills.

The project also aims to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labor (VSA) by means of a Social Registry System. The development of an integrated social registry system will improve the Ministry’s resourcefulness to coordinate social programs, target beneficiaries and respond to disasters and other shocks. The system, inclusive of a Georeferenced map of Sint Maarten will further support the Ministry’s ability to effectively assess socioeconomic needs in households and communities, reduce the burden on applicants associated with registering for multiple social service and proactively identify people who are in most need, vulnerable and are potentially eligible for one or more social services.  The system will also contribute to data driven policy decisions within VSA.

Project at a glance

Project ID P167368
Grant Agreement Signed July 11, 2018
Grant Amount US $22.5 million
Disbursed Funds US $21.7 million
Expected closing date May 31, 2023

Awarded Contracts
Awarded contracts