Home repair program started

Home repair program started
PHILIPSBURG May 14, 2019 – On Wednesday, May 8, 2019, the Director of the National Recovery Program Bureau, Claret Connor, signed another contract for the continuation of the Home Repair Program of the National Recovery Bureau and the Government of Sint Maarten. Mr. Connor signed the contract with Mr. Roberto I. Arrindell Managing Director of Confident Construction BV. “I congratulate Mr. Arrindell on being the contractor selected for these works and I am eager to see the repairs started on these homes” said the NRPB Director. The first batch of the private home repairs includes the repairs to 14 homes located in Dutch Quarter, Mount William, Middle Region, Suckergarden, St. Peters, South Reward and Cay Bay areas. The repairs are focused on roofs, doors, windows and electrical works, using the Build Back Better method established for all of the projects under the NRPB.
Homeowners of the first 14 homes are now being prepared for the upcoming works. Each family will receive a preparation package to make sure that they know what will happen to their house, including what will be required of them.
While the first works are starting, preparations are also under way for the next batches of private home repairs, including the tender process for technical assessment and repair works. The registration for the home repair program closed on April 26 and the social assessments of all applicants are now being finalized by the NRPB. This includes a check on the Government established qualification criteria; in order to qualify for the home repair program, the applicant must (1) be a legal resident of Sint Maarten, (2) legally own the house that requires repairs and (3) have a monthly income of no more than Nafl. 4,000.
At this moment about 175 households have been qualified for support under the home repair program. The applicants are continually being updated on the processes by the social assessors and the technical teams are in the field making the necessary technical assessments that are required for each home.
The Home Repair Program is a project activity that falls under the St Maarten Recovery Reconstruction and Resilience Trust Fund, financed by the Netherlands and managed by the World Bank.