Strengthening the policy and institutional environment

Estimated cost: US$ 4.01 million

This component will strengthen the institutional and human capacity within the Government to manage digital transformation and will lay the groundwork for the platforms and digital services to be delivered under components 2 and 3.

Sub-component 1.1: Institutional, policy, legal and regulatory reforms. This sub-component will finance the following activities: (i) the institutional design and arrangements for managing digital Government transformation in Sint Maarten; (ii) the design of a dashboard to track progress on digital reforms in Sint Maarten; (iii) the design and implementation of a Government-wide Enterprise Architecture (EA), following established methodologies, and associated outputs for deploying the cross-cutting platforms required to enable digital service delivery; and (iv) the review and development of existing or new policies, laws, and regulations as they relate to digital Government (e.g. cybersecurity, ICT procurement, data protection/privacy, digital payments, digital identity).

Sub-component 1.2: Change management and project management. This sub-component will finance: (i) the services of a project management and technical advisory firm to help the NRPB and the Special Project Unit manage the technical implementation of this project and change management aspects of digital transformation; (ii) additional support for project coordination, monitoring, institutional strengthening to respond to citizen feedback to ensure accountability, fiduciary and safeguards tasks, as well as internal controls and audit for the project; (iii) the design and implementation of external communications and outreach programs; and (iv) the design and implementation of a digital literacy program for civil servants.

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