User-centered public services

Estimated cost: US$ 2.59 million

This component will enhance public service delivery in Sint Maarten by transforming and scaling-up the existing Public Service Centers (PSCs) to include additional public services offered through multiple channels.

Sub-component 3.1: Modernization of one-stop shops. This sub-component will leverage the existing PSCs located in Philipsburg and Simpson Bay and enhance their operations. Activities include: (i) assessment and implementation of recommendations to expand the scope and enhance customer orientation of the PSCs; (ii) software and/or hardware upgrades; (iii) office furniture; and (iv) the development of continuity of operations procedures.

Sub-component 3.2: User-centric e-services. Activities financed under this sub-component include the re-design, development, and deployment of the following set of priority e-services[1] through an Online Government Portal:

  1. Certificate of Good Conduct (Public Service Center);
  2. Change of Address (Civil Registry);
  3. Registration of a Death, Divorce or Marriage (Civil Registry);
  4. Building Permit Application (Department of Permits);
  5. Economic Licenses (Business, Director, Branch Licenses at Department of Economic Licenses); and
  6. Request for Vaccination Records (Collective Prevention Services).

This sub-component will improve the efficiency of and access to services offered by multiple service delivery channels including the PSC. It will also invest in: (i) the design and launch of an Online Government Portal, which will serve as a single point of entry for information and transactions related to all public services; (ii) kiosk machines for conducting services online; (iii) the design and implementation of a multi-channel customer service feedback mechanism; and (iv) the design and implementation of user-friendly mobile applications.

[1] These services have been identified as high priority by the Government based on stakeholder consultations.

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