Building digital platforms to enable service delivery

Estimated cost: US$ 5.40 million

This component will focus on establishing the technical foundations for citizen-oriented services to be delivered under Component 3. By digitizing core Government records and mirroring critical service delivery platforms in the Cloud, this component will also contribute to increasing resilience by reducing the vulnerability of selected services to delivery disruptions due to cyberattacks and natural disasters and pandemics.

Sub-component 2.1: Cross-cutting digital service platforms. This sub-component will fund the design and development of the following cross-cutting platforms:

  1. Digital Identity (Single Sign-On Platform): (i) Assessment of the Unique Identifier issued by the Civil Registry to design and implement an authentication platform with Single Sign On (identity and access management solution based on open standards) for accessing public sector services with appropriate security features and credential choice for users with different levels of assurance (e.g. two-factor authentication); and (ii) Development of Standard Operating Procedures for identity recovery for adults and minors.
  2. Electronic Payment Platform: (i) Development of the Electronic Payment Platform Technical Architecture; and (ii) Design and implementation of a payment interface, through integration with the Government’s Instant Payment platform, that will support credit/debit card payment options for the e-services to be digitized.
  3. Interoperability Platform: (i) Design of a technical, applications, and data architecture to identify the appropriate interoperability platform (anchored in the Enterprise Architecture); and (ii) Implementation of the interoperability platform to link critical registries including Civil Registry; CRIB (Tax ID); Social Registry (in development); Business Registry; Land Registry (cadaster) and the Address Registry.
  4. Electronic Signatures Platform: (i) Design and implementation of electronic signatures for G2G, C2G and B2G transactions; and (ii) Technical evaluation of and recommendations for a whole-of-Government digital signatures platform.

Sub-component 2.2: System resilience and Records Management. This sub-component will finance: (i) upgrades to system resilience to maintain business continuity during and after natural and man-made disasters and pandemics including procuring and implementing cloud services; (ii) a technical assessment of key registries (i.e. data governance, software, hardware, data formats, duplication, etc.); (iii) hardware, software, and business process reengineering that will ensure harmonization of registries across Government; and (iv) hardware solutions and additional human resource capacity to register and digitally archive Government documents.

Sub-component 2.3: Just-in-time digital services. This sub-component will invest in “just-in-time” digital services and platforms that have not been planned, but that would be required to support emerging needs during implementation.

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