National Recovery and Resilience Plan

The Sint Maarten National Recovery and Resilience Plan is a Roadmap to Building Back Better.

When Hurricane Irma tore through our island on September 6, 2017, it showed the enormous strength of the people of Sint Maarten, but also the significant challenges of a young and disaster-prone country. As a people, we are resilient, hopeful and purposeful. As a country, we have work to do. We need to strengthen our infrastructure, our economy and our institutions to avoid a repeat of the devastation wrought by Irma.

Toward this end, I am extremely pleased to present Sint Maarten’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP). This is our roadmap toward building Sint Maarten back better. The NRRP offers a comprehensive strategy to respond to the immediate needs of the people of Sint Maarten and to address other recovery and resilience needs in the near future.

In line with the unprecedented nature of Hurricane Irma, the NRRP is the product of a unique level and degree of collaboration. Never have I been more proud of my fellow Sint Maarteners and especially the civil servants who played a leading role in drafting this Plan. I also want to thank the Netherlands for the tremendous support in recent months and the World Bank Group for believing in Sint Maarten and its people.

As Prime Minister, I look forward to working with the Netherlands, the World Bank and the people of Sint Maarten to speed up the urgently needed recovery and resilience efforts to return Sint Maarten to its position as a beacon of prosperity in the region.

Is signed Prime Minister of Sint Maarten, Ms Leona Romeo-Marlin

On Monday, August 27th the Parliament of Sint Maarten approved the National Recovery & Resiliency Plan (NRRP) as well as the Temporary Ordinance on the National Recovery Program Bureau. “I am very pleased that these important documents were passed unanimously today. I would like to express my gratitude to all MPs and especially the members of the opposition for showing unity on these matters”, Prime Minister Romeo-Marlin stated after the Public Meeting. “Parliament’s endorsement demonstrates that we are moving in the right direction in terms of Sint Maarten’s recovery. It will take time, more funds and the continued patience of our people, but the Government of Sint Maarten is very committed to accelerate the different recovery and resilience projects”.

As the roadmap for the recovery process, the NRRP plays an important role in the planning and preparation of future projects. The NRRP was prepared by more than 170 national and international experts. They collected, validated and analyzed data on the damages, losses and needs of Sint Maarten in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) prioritizes immediate, short-, medium- and long-term needs for the recovery, reconstruction and resilience of Sint Maarten. The Plan includes estimates of the financial requirements, costs and investments that are necessary to build Sint Maarten back better.

With the approval of the Temporary Ordinance, the Government’s implementation capacity Trust Fund projects is strengthened. The National Recovery Program Bureau operates alongside the existing government organization and is responsible for the implementation of the projects that are financed by the Trust Fund.

Building Back Better
Build Back Better (BBB) refers to a range of improvements on the pre-disaster situation that have been recommended in the sector recovery strategies and needs analyses.

BBB measures can include

  • right-sizing, right-siting, and structural improvement of assets and infrastructure based on disaster risk and current demographic needs;
  • improved building standards and structural improvements according to sector norms;
  • improved service delivery standards per present sector developmental norms; and
  • the human resources and skills development required to manage such improvements.